Saturday, 19 November 2011

5 simple steps to improve your blog's alexa ranking

12:25 am

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Blogging today has become a passion for many people.Some people are having their own blog while some use services such as triond.If you are having your own blog then you must want to know how you can improve your blog's alexa ranking.First of all,who don't know about Alexa let me tell you that Alexa is a services that provides the rank for all the websites depending upon the website traffic,unique visitor.Its ranking is based on the Alexa toolbar.Alexa toolbar is installed in the browser and it tracks the visitors.It is a valuable tool to estimate the value of any website.Some people say it is accurate other are of opposite opinion.But it is considered good to have good Alexa ranking.Obviously Google page rank and seo moz rank are more accurate to rate any website.

Let me tell you some ways to increase your website's Alexa ranking-

1.Install Alexa toolbar on your browser and set your blog as homepage.

2.Write content related to Alexa on your blog and provide back link to Alexa.

3.Sign up for and put Alexa banner on your blog.

4.Write original content on your blog.Don't copy from anywhere.

5.Encourage your friends to write positive reviews about your blog on

If you follow above 5 simple steps you will see the improvement in your blog's alexa ranking.Some people say that putting blog on autosurf website and traffic exchanges also improve Alexa ranking.At first this may work but it is only a temporary way to enhance Alexa ranking,you won't get long term results.But remember Alexa is not so accurate way to rate any website.So don't be sad if your blog doesn't have really good Alexa ranking.


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