Sunday, 20 November 2011

Are you a facebook addict?

4:13 pm

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Everybody knows about facebook.Facebook has more than 340 million active users worldwide.A huge number of these people are facebook addicts. People spent about 80% of their online time on facebook.There are a lot of social networking sites like myspace, twitter,orkut and the latest google+. But why people are addicted to Facebook.Lets find out why facebook is so popular?
Sharing-Status sharing is obviously the most attractive feature of facebook.Its easy to share with your friends.You get to know what your friends are doing,your friends know what you are doing with a single click of mouse.

Tagging-You can upload unlimited pictures and tag your friends in these pics.Everyone likes to get tagged isn’t it?
Social games-There are a lot of games like mafia wars,farm ville to name a few.You can invite your friends to play with you.Gaming is much more fun when your friends are with you. 
Awesome apps-There are a lot of fun applications. You can try hundreds of new apps every day.
Find Lost friends-Everyone is on facebook,Right?You can easily find your lost friends and relive the moments.
Virtual Gifts-You can send virtual gifts to your friends on their birthdays and other special purposes.
All these features make Facebook a perfect place to hang out online.So the number of facebook addicts is increasing day by day.With so many features and so many friends its not bad to be a FB addict.


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