Friday, 25 November 2011

Facebook scam to steal user data

11:38 am

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There is a new scam that steals user data by threatening them to delete their account.FB user get emails that they must provide their account information otherwise their account will be delected forever.The message in these emails tells user that they have violating facebook policy regulations by annoying or insulting other facebook users.These emails ask the user for their personal and financial information that also includes facebook password.
Well these emails are bogus and are not sent by facebook.Facebook never asks for user account details or financial details.The email is read as below-

LAST WARNING-Your account is reported to have violated the policies that are considered annoying or insulting facebook users.Until we system will disable your account within 24 hours if you don’t do the  
The Facebook Team
After clicking on the link you will be redirected to fill a form to prevent your account form getting banned.You will have to enter Facebook email ID,password,facebook security answer and also first 6 digits of your credit card.After filling that form you will be given a secong page asking for your email ID and its password.After that another 3rd form asking for FB username and credit card details.
So friends don't get caught in this scam.


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