Thursday, 17 November 2011

How will Nokia Survive?

11:38 am

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The war of smartphones is really getting hotter now. Apple was clearly the leader and unbeatable before the launch of android OS by Google. According to the share of various companies in  smartphone industry Andriod Tops the list. An Year ago Android’s share in the smartphone market was 25%,Apple’s iOS share was 17%,Nokia’s Symbian had a share of 36%,RIM had 15% share. But now Nokia’s share has a free fall.Their share  in smartphone industry is 17% showing a downfall of huge 19%.Apple’s share reduced to 15% and RIM’s share reduced to 11%.Now 50% smartphone are running on Android. Apple’s share doesn’t fall a lot thanks to the record selling of Apple iPhone 4S.Apple managed to sell more than 4 million units of this within first three days of its launch.
Clearly, Android gain was on the cost of Symbian. Now the question is how will Nokia survive in smartphone war? Nokia has already announced that its future smartphone will be Windows based and not on the outdated Symbian based.Nokia is about to launch Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 running Windows 7.5.The sales of these phones will decide the future of Nokia in Smartphone market.Initial responses are good for Lumia 800 as Nokia has got a lot of preorders for Lumia 800.Hopefully Nokia will do well to survive as smartphone geeks would also love to see the red hot competition.


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