Sunday, 20 November 2011

Tips for starting blog

12:14 pm

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A lot of people are just crazy about blogging. Every third person I meet is having his own blog.Some have their own blog while some use free services like, But the journey to become a successful blogger is not easy. It takes time, hard work, strategies to make your blog a popular one. I would like to give some tips to become a successful blogger.
1. Just have one blog-It is important that you have just one blog. If you are having more than one blog then none of your blog will have the readers. Just have one blog, give your complete dedication, time to this one.
2. Blog topic-Blog about something for which you are passionate. You must have good knowledge about the topics of your blog.

3. Write original content-This is the most important tip. Write original content. Don’t copy and paste from other blogs. Google spend millions of dollars to catch copycats. You won’t get readers for your copied content. 
4. Submit you blog-After setting up your blog you must submit it to blog directories. There are a lot of, are famous one. You will get a lot of visitor from there.

5. Set up RSS feed-Setting up RSS feed for your blog can earn you lot of visitor. Don’t forget to do that.

6. Use social media-Facebook, twitter are the best tool for any blogger. After publishing your post share it via social networking sites. It will make your blog popular soon.

7. Blog template-Choose an attractive blog template. The  template should be matching with your blog topic.


  1. I like your blog template. How did you manage to get one like this?

  2. hi Rathnashikamani-google about blogger template.You will find many attractive templates/