Sunday, 13 November 2011

Top 10 Browsers for Windows

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There are a lot of browsers available. You must have already used firefox, Opera, Chrome, safari, Internet explorer. Well these are common to internet users today. Apart from these there are some alternates to these browsers like seamonkey, Netscape Navigator, Flock, K-meleon, Maxthon, Amaya, Rockmelt, Slim browser, Midori, Epic, Iron, crazy browser etc. The list is very long. Have a look at the stand alone browsers-
1. Mozilla Firefox-
The latest version of firefox is fast, more secure and is having better user interface. The latest version is 3 times faster than the previous one. Firefox is the most downloaded browser and is continue to rule the list of browsers.
2. Google Chrome-
Chrome is not far behind and is second at the list. The latest version reduces the CPU usage by 80%.It is now more safe to browse internet on chrome. Downloading is now more easy and fast but still somewhere lags behind firefox as about more than 60% internet user prefer firefox.
3. Internet Explorer-
IE9 is far better than IE8 specially its user interface is eye catching and definitely better than firefox and chrome. It is designed specifically for Windows 7.It will work only in Windows Vista and newer version of Windows. It is now having its built in download manager. Of course it is faster than previous versions.
4. Opera:-
Opera is at No.4.It is having limited features just about 40% of above mentioned browsers. But it is safe and it is having visual mouse feature which is impressive. It consumes fewer data than other browsers. Widgets in Opera are good and It is the fastest browser after firefox.

5. Safari-
Apple first launched Safari for its Mac OS but from version 3 it also become available for windows users also. Its latest version is really worth a try. Its protection against bugs and also Safari Reader which removes ads while reading the article online. It is having features such as zooming, one click mail makes it our No.5 browser. It is having speed slightly less than firefox and opera.
6. Maxthon-
If you haven’t used Maxthon then you are missing a lot.When it comes to features there is no match for it.It is having a long list of features. It takes a very little memory while running. Its UI is impressive having visual mouse gesture, ad hunter to avoid annoying ads.
7. Avant-
It is having professional look and zooming, mouse gesture features. Speed has improved a lot since its previous versions.
8. Deepnet Explorer-
It is having limited feature and just ok speed. If you are a heavy RSS feeds user then you will love it.It has nothing new nothing that can impress you.
9. Phaseout-
If you are bored of surfing and looking for something new in your browser then just try this. Its futuristic look is really awesome. Space inspiring graphics is a stand alone feature.It is easy to use but somewhat slower than the above mentioned browsers.
10. Spacetime-
It has limited features and not so impressive speed. Security wise it lags behind the others.


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