Sunday, 6 November 2011

Top 5 paid simulation android games

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1.Game Dev Story
It deserves to be on the top spot.Really additive game and my personal favourite.You are the owner of the gaming company,you will have to make your way to be the best in industry.Nice gameplay.Gamedex(the annual game pair),the annual Gameawards are included in gameplay.


Game Dev Story for Android features the ability to develop your company's own game console, plus a system for changing your staff member's professions. Your staff members can have a variety of game-related professions, from programmer to sound engineer. With this application you can manage your own game company and try to create a million-selling game in this unique simulation.

Price:- Rs.144.60

2.Grand prix story

If you are a F1 fan then you will love this game.You will have to manage a F1 team and lead it to victory in different championships.
Grand Prix Story for Android develops new vehicles and parts, and customizes them any way you like. Become the boss of your own team, training drivers and acquiring sponsors before conquering the Grand Prix. With this application you can manage an auto racing team, no knowledge of motor sports is required to play.

Price:-Rs. 251.48

3.Farm Frenzy

You will have to run a farm. You will have different animals, different products to earn profit from.


Slip into a pair of overalls and try your hand at running a farm! From tending to the fields where your cows graze to gathering eggs for sale at the town market, Farm Frenzy is as stimulating as the real thing, only you won't have to experience the nasty smells! You will, however, be required to invest the money you earn in new equipment. Building a cheese dairy, for example, allows you to process your milk on the spot and make even more cash!

To beat a level in Farm Frenzy, you must complete a specific task, such as producing a certain number of eggs. Each new level is more challenging than the last, so you must increase the capacity of your warehouse and improve the performance of your production facilities. You can even buy a larger truck capable of delivering more goods to market! All of this makes dealing with the occasional bear easier. Featuring compelling and enjoyable gameplay, Farm Frenzy lets you give Old MacDonald a run for the money!

 Over 45 levels to beat
 Five animals to care for
 Nine farm products to sell
 Six buildings to purchase
  Unlimited game time

Price:- Rs. 156.44

4.Hot Springs Story
You will have a manage an inn in Japan.Bring different facilities in your inn and make your way upto the top.There are 8 magazines from local to international level.Try to get no.1 rank in them.


With Hot Springs Story for Android build your own resort and propel it to success with but a touch of the finger in this one-of-a-kind simulation. Rooms, restaurants, arcades, and baths position each facility to lull your guests into hot spring Nirvana and skyrocket your establishment to fame. Craft the perfect Japanese garden from lanterns, pine trees, and azaleas; you will need it all if you want to attract VIPs like pop stars and novelists.

Price:- Rs. 251.48

5.Tattoo Tycoon

Become a tattoo tycoon and earn money.


Become a Tattoo Tycoon and make the cash tills ring!

Prove your business acumen and your skill with the tattoo machine in 6 challenging scenarios! Set up, expand and furnish your tattoo studio, manage employees, develop new tattoo designs and improved equipment, increase your reputation and turn your little tattoo parlor into a highly profitable enterprise!

Price:- Rs. 67.07


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