Thursday, 24 November 2011

Top 5-Paid to blog sites

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Most of the people today are having a blog.Some do blogging to gain online reputation,for some people it is an hobby and some are doing to earn money.whatever may be the reason blogging is quite fun.Apart from having your own site there are some other sites that pay you to write for them.Good thing is that all of these sites are well established and huge visitors.So if you write for them then you are likely to get many views and appreciation.have a look at the top 5 sites that pay you to blog-
1. Hubpages-Another great site for great writers. Probably the best available. In this you will get a hubpage like won’t get directly paid by hubpages.They have tie up with adsense, eBay, Amazon. You can choose whatever you like and your revenue will be generated from these sites.You can’t publish already published articles here.
2.Triond-Triond is a very good site if your writing skills are good and you know how to promote.They pay very good amount.For every 5-7 views you will get a cent and since all their sites are popular you will get many views.The minimum payout is just $ 0.50 by paypal whereas by check and western union money transfer it is $ 50.There is a major problem with triond if you are a newbie and not having good writing and promotion skills you will get only a few views.I have seen many newbies quitting triond.

3.wikinut-Best site for newbies.You will get hundreds of views and appreciation for your articles.A must join site though earnings are a bit low compared with above two.But you can already published articles here.You can use it to promote your site if you are having one.Nice and clean site.They will pay you through paypal and you will be paid in euros.Minimum payout is only 5 euros.
4.Sqiudoo-Another great site similar to hubpages integrated with adsense,eBay,Amazon to earn you money.Worth a try.
5.Redgage-Quite different and nice one.It is kind of social networking site also.You make friends,share your content,get views and make money.The awesome thing is you can import your content from blogger or wordpress also.You would love playing with this site.


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