Friday, 16 December 2011

Aakash Tablet is on sale online

10:44 pm

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For all those Indians excited to buy Aakash tablet, well the wait is over now. Aakash tablet is on sale now online and you can purchase it online by paying Rs. 2500.It is available on their official site But data wind will be selling just 30,000 pieces so hurry up and grab it. This aakash is definitely going to be the first tablet for many people. There is no payment option available and this tablet is available only on cash on delivery and after ordering it will be delivered to your home in just one week.
The version which is being sold now is having 366Mhz processor with a 7 inch display and Android version 2.2.It is having 2100 Mhz battery which is reported to have a backup of just 1.2 hrs. But if you can wait then you can get a better version. Ubislate 7 which is a upgraded version of Aakash will be on sale late in the January which is having much faster 700 Mhz processor and Android 2.3 with 3200 Mhz battery. Ubislate 7 will be having a price tag of Rs. 2,999.Ubislate 7 will be having both wifi and GPRS that means it can also serve you as phone. This thing is missing from current selling version.
 DataWind’s CEO Suneet Singh” This is a made-in-India product. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do this.’ He adds, ‘The final goal is to either provide the same features at a lower cost or provide better functionality and features at the same cost.”
The official site is receiving huge traffic and sometime server goes down also.This is obvious due to heavy heavy demand of users. So you have to be fast to get Aakash.
I would suggest you to wait a little bit for Ubislate 7 and with just Rs. 499 extra you will get a far better tablet.


  1. nice one told ellaboratively,,

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  3. No doubt that Aakash is a revolution in the world Notebook market having released such a cheap and better quality Tablet PC for the common public.

  4. hi indianist-you are right.This is going to be the first tablet for many indians.

  5. I collect more information about aakash tablet pc. The pc contains lot of advance features and simply super. I like this tablet pc new launch and I want to know the exact cost of this pc

  6. hi Indianist-I hope you found the cost through this post.