Sunday, 11 December 2011

Another miracle from the makers of Aakash

5:14 pm

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Aakash tablet probably the world’s cheapest tablet having price tag of Rs. 1100 or $ 22.This tablet is made by the company Data Wind. To make a tablet at this cost is a miracle in itself. Data Wind is planning to shock the world with another miracle. Data Wind is claiming to successfully compress 700MB movie to just 25 MB that is it is reduced the file size upto 28 times.
According to Data Wind’s CEO Suneet Singh in India there are 1000 millions mobiles but not even 10% of these are using Internet. This technology will enable the Internet users who are using slow internet connection to enjoy movies and many more. This technology will compress the file in real time when a click is made on it. This will result in saving of data as well as time. Data wind is planning to make Internet available even in remote area by using its technology as well as by reducing data usagecharges. Now normally tablet users are paying about Rs. 100 per GB of data usage. But the companies in India are planning to reduce the charges. Reliance is going to reduce data usage charges by 90%.Reliance tablets will be in the market soon having price about Rs. 6000 and with it users will have to pay just Rs.10 per GB of downloading that is about 90% less. Airtel has already launched its tablet named magic in the market and will bring extremely low cost data usage plans for it very soon. So the technology by Data Wind along with low data usage prices will surely increase the number of internet users in India specially in the remote areas where people are unable to access internet.


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