Friday, 23 December 2011

Apple app store beats Android market in revenue generation

12:35 am

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We all know Android users count more than 50% of total smartphone users. But this doesn’t prove Apple’s era will be over soon. People are still crazy for iPhones and iPads and iPad is still the world’s best selling tablet with more than 10 million units sold out every quarter. App market analyst Distimo did a study of all the app stores for the year 2011 and the results were not shocking but a little unexpected.
According to the study of Distimo Apple’s app store generates much more revenue than Android market.The top 200 apps on Apple generated 4 times more revenue than the top 200 apps on android with more than half of the revenue coming from the free apps for both the app store. The ads running on free apps and purchases through these ads generated revenue.
According to the study-50% of the revenue for apple and 65% of revenue for Android is generated by free apps proving that free apps are more effective way to make money than paid apps. Study also reveals whereas Apple app store and Android doubled the number of apps available within a year, Window phone marketplace grew more than 4 times in terms of number of apps available which helps it to overcome RIM’s Blackberry app store and Nokia Ovi store. Now Apple app store continue to rule the all the other app store in terms of no of apps, obviously followed by Android market.


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