Friday, 2 December 2011

Apple to have MS Office Suite in 2012

2:40 pm

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Finally the Microsoft Office is coming in iOS on 2012.But whether this will work for Microsoft, or not still remains a topic of discussion. May be its too late for Microsoft. The reason is obvious. There are already a lot of quality Office suite available for iphones and ipads like Quick office and documents to Go, which are having a lot of reputation in Office suites in mobile platforms. Both of these provide creating, editing and exporting of Word, Excel and Powerpoint files. Apart from these two Apple is already having its own office suite-iWork. iWork is only for iPads.
A Microsoft solution would have the advantage of working natively with Office files in the way the company that created them intended, however. That would mean no minor formatting oddities to occasionally iron out when you shift back to Office, and maybe even tight, wireless integration with Office on the Mac or PC, as well as Office 365 on the web.
The cost of the MS Office Suite is said to be around $10 which is same as iWork. But it will be the first official Office suite for Apple users. So definitely it would be somewhere better than the others. And of course you will have to pay the same for other suites so why not try the official one.So just wait for 2012 and lets see what’s there in Microsoft Office 2012 for iOS.


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