Thursday, 29 December 2011

GTA 3 for Android-Get it free

8:10 pm

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Grand Theft Auto(GTA) brought a revolution to PC gaming. Its difficult to find a gamer that hasn’t tried his hand on this amazing game.GTA San Andreas, GTA vice city, GTA 4 are some of the games of the series. Well its really fun to play the game.GTA recently launched GTA3 for Android on its 10 year anniversary.
GTA is really a good game. Nice story mode. Pick any vehicle you want, take any weapon and go on to complete your mission. Graphics are good. Game play is smooth. Well you have to pay Android Market some money to enjoy this game. This costs you Rs. 264.14 or around $ 5.5.But you can have this for free. Want it? Ok, it is a torrent file having lots of seeds so you don’t have to wait for a long time to get it on your android.But after downloading it on torrent there is some more data tp download.While downloading that make sure that there is no interruption. I am playing it already, what about you?


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