Friday, 23 December 2011

How to drive traffic to blog

9:45 pm

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There are more than 30 million websites on internet and about 200000 websites are created everyday.So you must know the techniques to drive visitors to your blog since a blog’s value is determined by visitors and visitors are necessary to sustain a blog.Driving traffic to your blog is not that difficult if do the basics right.Bloggers spend a considerable time on searching ways to drive traffic.Driving traffic can be a little difficult for the newbie.So,have a look on these techniques that will help you to gain traffic-
1. Write unique and valuable content-Content is king. It is the content by which visitors determine the quality of your blog. It is recommended to write your own and unique content. So blog about something you are crazy and provide quality. Never copy and paste from other blogs. Google, Yahoo and other search engines spend millions of dollars to catch copycats. You won’t get traffic from search engines if you copy and paste from other blogs.
2. Do some keywords research-Just Google your keyword you want to target.Find the competition for that keyword and after that decide the title for your post.
3. Add meta tags to your blog-Add meta tags to your blog.Google and other search engines give preference to blogs with meta tags.
4.Submit blog to search engines-Don’t forget to submit your blog to search engines.This is a must do for all bloggers.Google webmaster tools and Bing webmaster tools can bring you tons of traffic.Bing and yahoo are integrated now for bloggers so submitting your site to bing will drive traffic from yahoo as well.
5. Use social bookmarking sites-There are a number of social bookmarking sites. Digg, stumbleupon, reddit to name a few. Using these can be helpful.
6. Add social media buttons to your blog-Adding social buttons to your blog allows the readers to share your blog post among friends. Social buttons are probably the best way to drive traffic.
7. Use Ping service-Pinging informs search engines that your blog has been updated. After publishing a post, ping it. There are a number of ping services. I recommend It is developed by wordpress.
8. Blog Directories-Submitting your blog to blog directories can help you. Some famous blog directories are technorati, blogcatalog, blogtoplist.Add your blog’s url as your signature.
9. Blogging Forums-There are lots of blogging forums.Joining forums related to your blog’s niche not only allows you to interact with other bloggers but also allows you to drive quality traffic to your blog.
10. Commenting on other blogs-Do comment on other blogs with similar niche as your blog.This will drive some traffic.
11. Guest Posting-Take sometime to post on other blogs too.This will not only enable you to interact with the audience of other blog but also this is the best way to build links for your blog.
12. Linking your other posts-When you write a post, then link your other related posts.So your one post will drive traffic to other post also.


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