Friday, 16 December 2011

Is the iPhone 4-S Worth the Price?

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Apple has recently unveiled its newest gadget – the iPhone 4-S. It looks very similar to the iPhone 4 but yet it’s different. What makes this newest product of Apple different is the new technology it has added – Siri. At $870 it is a little steep which leads us to the next question, is it worth the price?

In order to figure whether or not it’s worth lets look at its top features.

Siri- The iPhone 4-S is considered by many as the future of smart phones. And with the addition of Siri, that might just be the case. The iPhone 4-S can be controlled by voice command. Users are assisted by a voice called Siri. Siri marks the start of voice control technology. This will no doubt change the way we process and search information. Instead of typing you only need to speak. It is considered to be your phone with a brain. Siri is integrated into different apps so that you can give out a command and it can respond. The service can set reminders, read emails out loud, key in a text message for you and even give directions. Siri is basically a useful sidekick to bring around.
The A-5 chip -When Apple first released the Ipad 2, we know that the reason for its enhanced performance is the A5 chip. They have now put this powerful chip on the iPhone 4-S. As a result it has an improved performance and a faster response compared to the iPhone 4. You’ll be able to see videos with more definition and play games better. If you love playing games then you might want to experience the benefits that the A-5 chip provides.

Camera sensor- Statistics from Flicker suggest that more and more pictures are being taken using the iPhone. This may be because of the increased resolution of the iPhone 4-S. It now carries 8 megapixels. This means a better photo and video taking experience for iPhone users out there. Another plus is that it can even take photos even with a locked screen.

Although these are some powerful additions to the iPhone 4, I wouldn’t recommend getting the iPhone 4-S just now. The technology is so new that there is still a lot to improve. Compared to the its predecessor the 4-S can only do a few things better that iPhone 4. I’d suggest Apple fans to wait until iPhone 5 comes along.

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