Friday, 23 December 2011

Review of Android's Easy Battery Saver

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Almost all the Android devices are suffering from battery life problem. This is due to the apps running in the background. You don’t even run some of these apps still they keep running in the background and consistently consume your Android battery. That is why Android market is flooded with a lot of task killers and battery saver apps such as battery saver, Juice Defender, Battery Dr Saver, Battery Defender, Easy Battery Saver and hundreds more. This makes it difficult for Android users to select the best among them. Well, I have  tried them all. These task killers and battery savers works but some are more effective than others.
Of the entire Battery saver apps out there I tried Easy battery saver is the best. This app is absolutely fabulous from Easy Dev Team. For better results I recommend using this with Easy task killer. Integration of these two apps has increased my Android life about 2.3 times which is far better than expectations. Juice Defender is also good which can increase your battery life upto 1.7 times. Juice Defender has been downloaded about 5,000,000 times which proves it is popular among users. Battery Dr saver is a task killer+ battery saver giving good results.
Easy Battery saver is comparatively new but like other Easy Dev team apps it is simply awesome with more than a million downloads already. There are four modes in Easy Battery Saver-First is the normal mode which doesn’t do any optimization keeping your Android functionality normal. Second is the General mode which increases battery life upto 1.3 times. Third is the intelligent mode increasing your battery life upto 1.6 times. Super Power Saving mode helps increasing the battery life upto 1.7 times. You can customize your own mode. Integration this app with Easy Task killer helps you kill apps running in background. You can set task killer to auto optimize that enable it to kill apps automatically. You can decide the time between two auto optimization. There is also shake feature. Just shake your phone and apps will be killed automatically.
So if you are also tired of your Android’s poor battery life then these two integration of these two apps is the best way available in the Android market.Now EBS+ETK is rated 8/10 by Gadget Maniac.

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