Sunday, 4 December 2011

Samsung Galaxy Y vs Samsung Galaxy Pop

12:30 pm

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Samsung Galaxy Y was launched recently. It is the cheapest Samsung android phone available in India.But this doesn’t make it poor phone. Actually it is a cool phone and its performance is quite impressive. Samsung Galaxy pop is yet another cool phone launched by Samsung 6 months ago. So I decided to compare these two to make the task easier for my friends who are looking to buy a budget smartphone and confused between these two.

 1. Both the phones are having same resolution  240x320 which is not so good. But if you have used low end devices in the past you won’t be disappointed with it.
2. Both the phones are having TFT capacitive touch screen but Galaxy pop is having 3.14” screen and whereas this size in Galaxy Y is 3.0”.Both of these are multi touch and having accelerometer.
3. Galaxy pop is having 160 MB internal memory and in Galaxy Y it is 180 MB so Galaxy Y allows you to install more apps. These can be expanded to 32 GB.
4. Ram in galaxy Y is 290 MB compared to 384 MB of galaxy pop.
5. Galaxy Y is loaded with Gingerbread and Galaxy Pop comes with outdated froyo but it can be upgraded to gingerbread.
6. Galaxy Y is faster with 832 Mhz processor compared with 600 Mhz processor of galaxy pop.
7. Camera in pop is 3.2 MP and in galaxy Y it is 2.0 MP.
8. Both the phones have poor battery life with 1200 mAh li-ion battery. But in Galaxy Y battery will last longer due to small display.
Price: Galaxy Pop- Rs. 8000
             Galaxy Y- Rs. 6990
I am having Samsung Galaxy Pop and till now I am totally satisfied with it apart from battery life.But now I am looking to replace it as there are awesome android budget phones in Market.I would recommend you to buy Galaxy Y if you are not heavy phone camera user.


  1. I am using galaxy pop. and I am upgrade to cygenmod 7.1. now my galaxy pop system 2.3.7. camera 4.0 mega pixel. and run on 815 mhz. so galaxy pop 10 times better then galaxy y

  2. Hi Gurpreet-I am also a galaxy pop,no doubt it is a superb phone.I have used galaxy Y also.I like galaxy Y more.These are my views.Different people may have different views.

  3. Hey,how u upgrade ur phones camera and processor.plz.tell me.can it is free

  4. I have galaxy pop and y i was confused about which one i have to take!!you i cimpare by using both phone a week!!then i decide to use pop!!its fast and have big screen and 3.2mp camera!!and many more!!