Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Shift your blog from Blogger to wordpress

11:59 pm

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I usually encounter with a lot of blogger who are using Google blogger services and are unhappy with it. Well, their main problem is they have already done a lot of work on their blogspot blog and can’t afford to start right from the scratch on wordpress. Which one is better among blogger or wordpress is a bit controversial and will always remain a topic of discussion for blogger. But if you are unhappy with blogger services and wants to move over to wordpress, then no problem. It is possible.All it takes is just 7 simple steps and all your blogger posts and comments are on wordpress.
  1. Install a blog.
  2. In your WordPress Admin go to Tools – Import.
  3. Click “Blogger” and on the pop-up click “Install Now”.
  4. Click “Authorize” to tell Blogger to let WordPress access your account.
  5. This will transfer you to a Google Account page. Click on “Grant Access”.
  6. You will see the posts and comments on your Blogger blog. Click “Import”.
  7. Assign the imported posts to your author name on your WordPress blog.
All of your blogger posts and comments are on blogger now just have fun.Enjoy the services and amazing themes and plugins of wordpress.


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