Sunday, 18 December 2011

Sony launched Tablet S and Tablet P for Indian market

6:55 pm

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Tablet war is getting hotter and hotter day by day. Amazon launched Kindle which is getting huge success, iPad is all time hit and iPad3 will be launched next year, Samsung Galaxy tab is also good and DataWind’s cheapest tablet Aakash is also on sale now and getting huge response. This time its Sony’s turn. Sony launched its first tablet PC in India on December 14 but these tablets supports only wifi and these are not 3G enabled. Sony launched two tablets-Tablet S and Tablet P.

On the launch of these tablets Sony’s MD Masaru Tamagawa said" Today we are launching tablets that support Wi-Fi connectivity. In mid-January we will launch tablets that will have both 3G connectivity and Wi-Fi. We expect 3G-enabled tablets to contribute 80 per cent to our total tablet sales in this financial year".
Both the tablet run on Android Gingerbread 2.3.2.Both of these are having 5MP camera and 1GB of RAM.These tablet has wifi and wifi+3G models will be released in the mid of January. Tablet S is having a 9.4 inches capacitive touch screen with 1280x800 pixels resolution, on the other hand Tablet P is first dual screen tablet.The screen can be used as a single screen or can be used to perform two separate functions.
Another interesting feature is both of these are DLNA compatible which allow user to connect the tablet with other DLNA compatible TV to watch movies and listening to music. The wifi models will be priced at Rs. 29,990 and 3G enabled tablets will be having a price tag of Rs. 36,990.Another add-on to these tablets is both of these tablets are PlayStation certified and the tablets are having famous inbuilt PS games like crash bandicoot and pinball heroes. If you are planning to buy these awesome tablets then you will have to wait till mid January when these will go on sale across 500 stores in India.