Saturday, 17 December 2011

Swype missing in Icecream Sandwich

10:49 pm

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Android latest version Icecream Sandwich is having a lot of features like a new font system named Roboto,you will be able to take screenshots from your android device without installing third party apps,inbuilt voice recognition system is very impressive and execute your commands instantly and you can even pause while giving commands. But there is a big problem in icecream Sandwich. Swype is not compatible with Icecream Sandwich.
For those who doesn’t know about Swype, it is method of text entry -swiping a finger across letters to spell out words. It relies heavily on knowing the relative position of your finger in relation to the screen and software as a whole. Swype makes texting in touch phones a lot easier. Samsung Galaxy Nexus which is the first phone till now the only phone to get Icecream Sandwich upgrade, its users won’t be able to install Swype. Galaxy Nexus is loaded with Android 4.0.2 and the version 4.0.3 was launched on December 16, but the problem is still there. People are working on the working on fixing this problem as soon as possible but yet no time is given when Swype will be compatible with Icecream Sandwich. The stock keyboard in the latest version is having vast improvements over the previous versions but still it is no match for Swype. Just hope Swype will come back to Android very soon.


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