Friday, 9 December 2011

Top 5 Android Browsers

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Google Android Market just hit the 10 billion downloads. Google is offering some of its premium paid apps at just 10 cents. So first check out the market to buy your favorite app before the offer ends. Now coming back to the topic you know Android market is loaded with more than 200000 apps. There are a large number of browsers in the market. Android stock browser is good but not that fast and have less feature so android users search for its alternative. Because most of alternative browsers are good and are having something unique about them. It is difficult to choose one of them. Since they are all free so you can try them and keep the one suitable for you. I am publishing a list of 5 browsers that I think are best among all. Check it out-
1. Dolphin Browser HD-This is the best browser available in the market without any argument.This is also the most downloaded browser in Android market with over 10 million download.It is no.2 on CNET’s top 100 app list and no. 1 on PC mag’s list of top 40 app of 2011.Famous for its gesture this browser is having 60+ add-ons.It is fast and side bar feature is something new.
2. UC web Browser-It is the fastest browser available in the market.If you are a heavy internet user and like to download a lot then you must download this browser.It is easy to use and having nice user interface.UCB 8 is now using U3 kernel which has make it even faster than before. Night mode browsing is nice feature.
3. Opera Mini- This is the only browser in the market which is able to show the data usage. This feature is available in the opera in the latest updated version. This is fast and data saving browser. If you are using a limited data plan then you must use opera browser the web. It can reduce your data consumption upto 90%.
4. Miren Browser-Another great browser with flash support. Nice UI and users are quite happy with it.Some of friends who are using it giving it a 5 star rating telling me that they have tried all the browser out there but this one is the best.It is worth your time.You must give it a try.It will surely enhance your browsing experience.
5. Ninesky Browser-This browser gives you the feel of google chrome. It’s easy to use having nice speed with flash support to help you play videos online.It is the most power saving browser out there due to its low carbon mode.
Apart from the browsers mentioned above there are some more browsers like skyfire, boat browser, firefox you can try them also.I am using ninesky, opera and UC web. Which one will you choose?


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