Saturday, 31 December 2011

Top 5 Comic Stores for your Android

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Everyone loves comics. Only the reading style has changed. There was time when we used to read comics on paper now there are smartphones for that. You will find some comic stores on Apple’s itunes and Google’s Android Market. The comic store owners are worried due to launch of these comic store apps for phones. But who cares? I am going to tell you about some comic store available in Android Market. So here is the list-
1. Comics-The largest comic store available for Android with over 14,000 comics. Most of these are paid but don’t worry, you can enjoy around 600 free comics also. You can read comics from publishers like Marvel Comics, DC Comics, IDW, Archie etc.DOWNLOAD this store.
2.Marvel Comics-A well established name in the super hero comics. Everyone loves their comics. They have comics on Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Spider-Man, Wolverine. Their comic series are interesting and once started its hard to not to read the entire series. That is is reason they offer first 3-4 editions for free and then place a price tag for other editions.DOWNLOAD this store.
3.DC Comics-Another vast comic store for your Android featuring World's Greatest Super Heroes - Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and many more. Publishing more than 80 comic format titles monthly and over 1,000 comic books and graphic novels annually. But their comics are a bit costly than others.DOWNLOAD this store.

4. Graphicly Comics-A not so popular comic store. They have a long list of publishers including Marvel and Archie. A lot of free comics to read. Their customer support is excellent. They will contact you within 3-4 hrs with answer to your queries. They are working to make their readers happy and gain some reputation.DOWNLOAD this store. 

5. Comic Shopper-Some people say it is the best comic store on Android and honestly I haven't tried it yet.They provide you comic books,cards,games and related comic and science fiction popp-culture merchandise every week.They have comics from all the major publishers so you can have your favorite comic easily.DOWNLOAD this store.

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