Wednesday, 11 January 2012

AppPlayer to bring entire Android Market to Windows8

10:50 pm

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This is a great news for all those people who want to buy a windows device but can’t due to limited number of apps available on Windows platform. BlueStacks recently showcased its app player at CES 2012 which is having a capability to bring the entire collection of over 400,000 apps available on Android Market to Windows OS 8.You won’t be able to distinguish your Windows apps from Android apps.
BlueStacks has solved the major problem for Microsoft which is having a hard time in Smartphone industry. Windows 7.5 powered Nokia’s Lumia didn’t sell well as expected by Microsoft and Nokia, ofcourse the main reason was lack of apps. Whereas iTunes and Android Market are having more than 400,000 apps, Windows is having merely 50,000 apps. With the launch of BlueStacks, Microsoft don’t have to face the difficultly of developing hundreds of apps every day.
BlueStacks unveiled an alpha version back in October also where its App Player brought some apps from Android Market into Windows 7 powered PCs, tablets and desktops but now it has taken a really big step further to bring entire Android Market into Windows device. But App Player is compatible with tablets, PCs and desktops only and it can’t run on mobiles.
Windows 8 is expected to launch in March and App Player will encourage people to buy Windows 8 device. BlueStacks has strike a deal with Taiwanese manufacturer InHon which will be launching its first ultrabook in March with preloaded App Player.
Bluestacks also said that they are working to build an AppPlayer for Mac users also.


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