Monday, 2 January 2012

Review of Epic Astro Story+free download

10:27 am

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Kairosoft is known for its simulation games. Recently it launched Epic Astro Story for Android. Well the game is absolutely a time killer. When I downloaded it, I wasn’t expecting a lot since I didn’t like the last two games by Kairosoft-Hot Springs Story and World Cruise Story. Both of these were quite similar.But when I started playing it,I found myself wrong.Talking about the game, I like the theme of the game. The concept is new and interesting. You have to build a planet. You can build houses for people to live and exporter, factories, food processing plant to earn leaving. There are some items to decorate your planet as well.
You send your residents to explore unseen places on your planet where they find money, other items and ultimately they have to find some enemies to win that place that enable you to expand your land and build some more. You have to build Space port so tourist from other planets can come to visit your planet giving you some income. There are spaceships to send your people to other planets and invite them to your planet.
You can develop weapons helping you to win your enemies. You can level up your residents to boost their chances of winning and help them explore faster. Depending upon your game progress the level of your planet will be decided. You will have to reach the ultimate level-Level 10.With increase in level, you will get something valuable from Planet Corps. You can develop different food types also.
The game is very good and addictive. But all the games of Kairosoft are slow moving and Epic Astro Story is no exception .The game is having price tag of Rs.274.41 or $5.50 in Android Market. You can download it free via torrent. But you will need utorrent client for that. So if you want to enjoy this game then-
DOWNLOAD the torrent.
And now the nice time killer from Kairosoft is rated 8/10 by Gadget Maniac.


  1. Sounds like a good game to me. These simulation games such as this one are giving Sims, Spore, Sim City, and Tropico a run for their money in the future.