Thursday, 12 January 2012

Steve Jobs-A comic hero

8:03 pm

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If you don’t like to read biographies and love to read comics and you want to know all about Steve jobs then this is good news for you. Apple’s co-founder Steve jobs is now a comic hero. This comic shows all the life of this great talent.The comic is titled as-'Steve Jobs-Co-Founder of Apple'.
The book is produced by Bluewater productions which have already produced a comic on Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg and celebrities like Lady Gaga. The book is on sale in US and shows his entire life right from adoption to his unveiling great products like iPhone and iPad.
Thor Parker of Midtown Comics in New York said that comic is basically an overview of the technology mogul’s life.
"The Steve Jobs comic is basically an overview of his whole life, kind of a short biography for someone that knows of him but doesn't all the details. It really briefly hits on all the bigger points in his life," Parker said.

"The artwork is pretty basic for a comic. You see a lot of iconic images that are related to Steve Jobs. You see comic renditions of his Forbes magazine cover, a lot of his keynote addresses," he added.

Last month, Jobs was immortalized as an action figure by a pair of toy companies. Toy companies ‘in icons’ and ‘Dragon in Dream’ unveiled the 12-inch action figure called ‘iCEO mini’ in tribute to the tech visionary who gave the world the Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod.

It is expected that after Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs,the next comic will be of Bill Gates.


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