Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Why is blogging so addictive?

4:46 pm

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All those people who are having a blog know how fascinating and additive blogging is. As far as I am concerned I started this blog just 2 months ago and now I am so addicted to it that I spend about 5-6 hours daily surfing internet to find some topic, do some research on it and come out with something that my readers enjoy reading. I decided to figure out why blogging is so addictive.
1. Increases your circle-Blogging is definitely the best way to come in contact with new people. It increases your circle. Everyday new people come to your blog, they read it and sometimes appreciate it by commenting (everyone likes to be praised).You get to know new bloggers and their tactics, so everyday your network is expanding. That is one of the reasons you get addicted to it like Facebook.
2. Money is in the game-Money is also in the game my friend. If you can attract people to your blog then you can make some money with it. MORE PEOPLE MORE MONEY as simple as that. There are lots of sites like adsense, chitika, adbrite that let you set up ads on your site and there are affiliate sites like Amazon, eBay which let you sell products and giving you commission in return. You blog harder to earn more and get addicted to it.Some people set up blogs just to earn money and if you don’t have patience then you will end losing the game.
3.Popularity-You don’t have high goals when setting up a blog but as soon as it starts gaining some visitors you keep dreaming high, make big goals and blog even harder to realize your goals. You keep an eye on your backlinks, Google PR, Alexa and compete ranking and try to improve it continuously.
4. Blog Contests-There is a lot of blogging contests on different websites with big prize money. You participate in them, trying to win. You keep trying until you win and when you win you want more. You sometimes run contests on your blog also wanting more and more people to participate and more people to know about your blog. These contests also add to your blogging contests.
I don’t know whether its good or bad to be a blog addict. Just remember you own a blog and don’t let blog own you.


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