Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Angry Birds arrives on Facebook

7:19 pm

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The popular addicted multi-platform angry-birds game is now available on Facebook ahead of the official launch in Jakarta at 12AM EST.This game was first launched for iOS in December 2009 and till now it has been downloaded over 700 million times which clearly shows its worldwide fan following.
"With the great success of the Angry Birds game on smartphone platforms, Rovio intends to reach more fans and be on every screen and every platform," Rovio Asia senior vice president Henri Holm said in a statement.
"Therefore, the company developed Angry Birds on Facebook to reach more than 800 million Facebook users worldwide."
Angry birds is Rovio’s 51th game. The previous successful games include the mobile version of Burnout and NFS. Because of the great success of Angry Birds, Rovio now is worth more than $1 billion and the company will soon become public.
In the game, players fling colorful and grumpy wingless birds from a slingshot into smarmy egg-stealing pigs.
It has been downloaded more than 700 million times since it launched in 2009 and the birds have become a global phenomenon, featuring on a huge array of merchandise and in popular culture.
The number of players is likely to soar beyond one billion as Rovio offers a new version of the game with more levels and interactive features to around 845 million Facebook users. The new app allows players to compete with their Facebook friends for high scores, send gifts to friends and achieve more precise and powerful targeting by purchasing new "power-ups".
You can check out the trailer of the game in the video below and then start playing on Facebook with your friends-


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