Tuesday, 21 August 2012

How to earn online

11:14 pm

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Earning online is not as easy task as it seems because you will confront a lot of scam sites that promises to earn you big money but disappear overnight with all your money.So,I have decided to make this blog all in solution for those who wanted to earn online,be updated with latest tech news and blogging tips.Hope my visitors will like that move.
Now coming back to the topic,there are a lot of ways to earn,some require investment and others are free of cost but if you are a newbie then its better to start with zero out of your pocket.So,I will be telling you genuine sites that pays you and you don’t have to invest to earn from them.But first look at the ways how you can earn online-
1.Blogging- To earn from your blog require patience.You require some decent amount of visitors.To get visitors you need to work really hard specially when your blog is new.You have to provide quality content,comment on other blogs,submit your blog to directories.After that you can monetize your blog.
2.PTC Websites-PTC stand for paid to click.There are some websites that pay its members to visit other sites.They usually pay around 1 cent for each site and you get around 10 ads a day that mean 10 cents a day.You can earn more by referring other people.Referring is the key to succeed in PTC way to earn online.
3.PTR Websites-PTR is paid to read.These sites pay their members to read emails.You will be getting mails from these sites containing a link,you have to open that link.The link is advertiser’ site.Every mail is having $0.01-0.03.
4.PTP Websites-PTP is paid to promote.These sites pay you to promote a link.Usually you will get 0.35-0.80 per 1000 visitors you send to that link.I will tell how to send traffic to these links and some genuine sites in my upcoming posts.
5.Paid to blog-There are some sites that pay you to blog.These sites are quite popular these days.I will be telling you in detail about these sites in my later posts.
6.Survey sites-There are a number of sites that pay you to take surveys.This is the quickest method to earn online.The amount you get per survey will vary with survey length.Usually,you will get $0.50 for a 10 minute survey.
Apart from these there are some other way like paid to upload videos,pics etc.But for a newbie it’s better to start from PTC,PTR and survey sites.I will be giving some genuine PTC websites in my next post.
You won’t get rich by these sites but you will get some bucks to pay your monthly bills.There is no get rich overnight scheme online.So,if you are looking for something like that then you would drop this idea because you may end up loosing your own money.Follow this blog to start earning online and stay away from scams.


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