Tuesday, 11 December 2012

3 Tools To Make Your PC An Android Smartphone

9:58 pm

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Android is one of the best operating system in today's world with millions of apps. Amount of its apps are higher because its openness allows developers to built awesome and great apps that does a lot of great things. but what if you don't owe an android phone. How could you use those apps. Actually there are some tools that will let you run those apps on your PC. So with the help of these tools you can enjoy each and every app on you desktop. You if you don't have an android phone still you can enjoy its apps So here is the list of 3 tools that will let you run apps on your PC.

1. BlueStack:
                  Its a Android App player that will let you run android apps on your PC. You can enjoy each and every app in full screen mode. If you do got an android Phone then you can also synchronize your apps between a PC and A phone with the Help of Its Cloud Connect Android App.

2. Official Android Emulator
                 Basically this is a Free android Emulator for developer. Google's Android Developer Provide this emulator to help developers to built and Run apps. But not only developers you can also try latest version of android on its Emulator and run apps on it.

3. YouWave:
            Its a Paid app. It provides you a trail version for 7 days. It provides you a Emulator will Apps option and home screen.

              These apps lets your system run all the android apps. So you can download and run as much apps you want to download and Run on your system. Android Openness have given developers such things that developers can make such great tools.

               You can get one of these and can enjoy your android apps without having any phone or we can say that you can make your PC an Android Smartphone.


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