Friday, 7 December 2012

A Complete Guide To use 'iTunes In the Cloud' in Itune11

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Apple launched its iTunes 11 with a lots of new features. Some of them are like Up Next , iTunes in the cloud, A new and great design. iTunes 11 has tried to improve your download experience for music ,videos, movies, books etc. If you frequently download these items then iTunes 11 will be great for you. Its iTunes in the cloud will let you do such great thing which not only save your space and also your time.

You can manage your downloads easily using this feature lets take an example. If you have accidentally deleted a song from your computer that you bought form your iTunes Store then you don't need to worry about that item because you are just one click away from that item.

So Today i am gonna tell you that how can you use 'iTunes in the cloud' feature to make things easier for you. i will tell you

  •   How you can enable this feature.
  •   How can you stream or download your purchased item
  •   How can you move item back to the cloud.
  •   How can you delete any item. 
To Enable this feature you just have to follow following steps.

Start Your iTunes then  Goto Preferences > Store > Show iTunes in The Cloud Purchases.


You Need To Check the check box in order to enable it.

Now lets see how you can start streaming of any music, video or movie in iTunes in the Cloud. To do this you just have to find any item that you have purchased but didn't download it yet. When you will find it you will see a Cloud icon on its corner. In Order to start Streaming of this item you need to double-Click on this item. And you streaming will be started

If You want to download that item then You just have to Single click on the Cloud Icon on the upper Right Hand Corner and your download will be started. When You Download will be finished then Cloud Icon will be removed.

If you want to Delete an Item From Your Mac PC then You will get two options 
  1. Delete Item from computer but keep it in Cloud
  2. Delete File from both System And Cloud
If you wand to delete an item from your hard-drive but still want to keep that file on the cloud so that it can be accessed later. Then you can go with the option no 1. This will be helpful in saving your system memory. To do this Find the item you want to delete Right-Click > Delete the file. A pop up will be there in front of you

But keep one thing on your mind Don't Check the Check Box , Then item will be deleted from the cloud but this will be kept in the library and Small Cloud Icon will again pop-up on the Upper Right corner of the file that means you can again stream and download this file.

But if you Checked The Check Box, Then the item will be permanently deleted from the cloud and the System and will no longer be available. 

When you are Done with selecting an option from the above an another popup will be appeared which will ask you, what do want to do will the original file that means if you want to keep it or delete it. Then Choose you option what you want to do with that file.

You can use Move To Trash option to delete the file. So here was the little info about how you can use iTunes in the cloud feature in iTunes 11. 

Hope it will help you.

Thank You.


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