Tuesday, 4 December 2012

A Complete Guide To use 'Up Next' In Itune 11

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Apple's ITunes 11 comes with a lots of great features and one of these features is 'Up Next' . Everyone Knows about the playlist functionality in  iTunes. But what if you mood change and you want to listen a song without adding song to current playlist. That's exactly what up Next does. it lets you crate a secondary playlist which will interrupt current playlist for some time and start playing songs which you have added in Up Next playlist and a song will automatically after playing. So here is some question arises that how can you control up next playlist (add songs, Access up next playlist, editing and deleting songs from playlist etc.)
So here are few step to do them
Adding songs to Up Next Playlist
To add a song to Up Next playlist you have to follow following steps.
Step 1. Start ITunes on you Mac or PC.
Step2. just find a song you want to play next and Just right click on that song and select Add to Up Next to add song to playlist
You have added a song to Up Next playlist Successfully and like I said before song will be removed from this list after playing it.
You can access Up Next Playlist by clicking the icon marked in below picture. By clicking this list icon you will be able to see all your songs that are currently in Up Next Playlist.
 To remove a song from Up Next Playlist you will have to hover a song in the playlist and you will see a 'X' sign in the left side of the song By clicking this icon you can easily remove a song from the Up Next Playlist.
Anyone can drag and drop songs to arrange the order of playing them.
And You can also see the history Up Next playlist means you can also see the list of songs that you have played in Up Next and Also add them again to up next playlist. To see the playlist you have to click on Clock  Icon And you will be able to see the history of songs.

When you will hover a song in the playlist you will see a '+' icon on the left side of the song. That icon will again add the song to Up Next playlist.
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