Monday, 10 December 2012

Attend Your door visitors using Smartphone Or Tablet using DoorBot

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DoorBot is a wi-fi enable device that will be fixed on your front door. It will let you answer your visitor from your smart Phone. When someone press the button on it, It will give you a notification on your smartphone and its mice and camera lets your work more easy. its camera also gives you a clear view at nights.Its a battery enabled device that works on thousands of miles away.

if There is someone on the door such as food delivery service or any thing else you can tell them to hang-on you will be there in some time. when some one will be there on your door. They will never came to know that you are not at home. it will fell like you are always at home.

If you find someone to whom you don't want to answer. So To do this you can watch video streaming first so that  you can find the person . If you don;t want to answer then you can just ignore the notification and they will never find that you were at home.

So Battery Enable Device : What's Its Battery Life , Coming to its battery life you will be happy to know that it's battery life is of a Year so it will serve you a year without any problem with 4-5 Visitors per day. if Your visitor strength increases its battery life will obviously decreases with 8-10 visitors a day its time will be 8-9 Months. Works on a AA battery. It will alert the user if its battery is down so that you can change its battery.

You can fix is with a 4 screw holding to your front door.

Download and Install its iOS and Android App. so that you can get the notification whenever someone click that button.
DoorBot + Lockitron 
Lockitron is a device that will let you open the door with your smartphone. Doorbot comes with a integration of the Lockitron that means you can answer and Open your door visitor using you smartphone. Although there comes a separate app for Lockitron. But doorbot had come with a combined app.

DoorBot Without Lockitron Will be available at price of  $169.00
DoorBot With Lockitron will be available at Price of $319.00

You can get every information at its Website.

  Its a revolutionary device that makes your work so much easy. Security is the primary feature for these devices. So if you are not at home it will help you to be like you are at home so intrusion will be there and Edison Junior's CEO and Chief Inventor Jamie Siminoff Said
"DoorBot can be installed with four screws, but DoorBot comes with an included mounting bracket. Many homes have other items of value outdoors, such as lights, and should not be a cause for concern," So it could be really helpful product.


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