Saturday, 29 December 2012

ChatWing: A chat widget for Blog

8:41 pm

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Chatwing is a chat room that let's the visitors of your blog to interact with each other. Users willing to chat can login using any of social Networking site like Facebook  Twitter or he may continue being as a Guest on this app. Chatwing comes with an really amazing interface that might get attention of your blog visitors.

it really easy to add Chatwing to your blog whenever there will be a visitor on your blog he/she might join any of the chat room if he is willing to join. User can create group on Chatwing. Chatwing widget allows your visitors to interact with each others. They can discuss various topics and get help about various things asking them in different chat groups.

Chatwing can make a great connection between your blog and Various social networks because users have to connect with any of the social networks and this will help you get a good blog traffic and also your returning visitor rate will also improve. That means this is directly helpful for your blog.

I have said a lot about it, don't go on my saying use it and you will see it by using yourself. Let me know you reviews about  it.


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