Monday, 31 December 2012

Google's Tribute to Delhi's brave girl

4:54 pm

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Google today paid  tribute to delhi's brave girl Damini who died 2  days ago in Singapore.Google's   homepage is  having a enlighten candle  beneath it.Protests are being carried  out in all over India.Youth are protesting  on the  road and want justice for the  girl.Entire India is united demanding Justice for the girl.
The girl died but no punishment  has been announced  for the culprits  yet.Several laws  have been passed.Now police can't arrest a girl  between 6 AM  to 6PM.Congress will be presenting a bill  in parliament  if passed then all the  rapists  will have to go 30 years of imprisonment and chemical castration.
We all Indian hope strict punishment will be given to the criminals.R.I.P. to the brave girl who didn't give up  to  the rapists  and to the death even.


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