Tuesday, 4 December 2012

How To Make Mountain X Lion 10.8 Bootable USB drive

1:14 pm

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You can make an easily USB bootable drive with simple steps. USB drive is good because you can carry your device with you easily and you can use easily by plugging it. You need a 8 GB USB drive.
and you have to download a copy of Mountain x lion 10.8.2 from the Apple Store. If you want to install MAC OSX on a PC First of All You have to see if your Pc meets with the minimum hardware requirement.

  • 2 GB of RAM
  • Minimum Intel dual-core processor
  • 8GB of available space
if you got these you can install Macintosh in your PC. But that will be in my other tutorial. in this We have to make a bootable USB. We prefer USB because its easy to use USB and You can Carry it easily. To make a USB bootable you have to follow following steps.

Download and Unzip Lion Disk Maker App after installing Run the app and Click on Mountain X 10.8 

and then click on "Create a boot Disk"

And you are done now you have a Mountain x lion Bootable USB drive. Now you can start installing your Macintosh OS.


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