Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Kairosoft's Pyraplex review

7:58 pm

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Kairosoft recently launched The Pyraplex for Android.I downloaded this game and played this game for 17 game years.To be honest,I didn't enjoy the gameplay as well as the previous Kairosoft's games.
This is basically a building game in which you have to build an ancient pyramid.Speaking frankly,this game is exactly similar to another Kairosoft game The Mega Mall Story with minor changes.In Mega Mall Story,you have to build stores like bakery,greengrocer etc and same is there in The Pyraplex.There are some minor changes.The mega mall story is set in Modern era and the latest one is set in ancient era.
You begin the game as a Pharoh,you have the responsibility to build a world-renowned Pyramid.You are given some staff at the beginning and you start building Amenties and shops such as cafe,hammer shop,bakery massage parlor etc from the stones produced in quarry..You gain income from people visiting your pyramid.You also gain hearts that can be used to hold some events,train staff, renovation of the buildings.
You will be required to fulfill requests of residents.Every time you fulfill a request,a stamp is published from Pyramid Association in honor of your pyramid.There is also a option of trading to other villages.You can trade your handicrafts and items found in quarry.
The final verdict,the game is good enough to play atleast one time.Kairosoft is making building games now whether you take Oh!edo towns,Ventures Towns and now The Pyraplex. All the previous titles were building games.But I know most of the gamers love their Sports Simulation games more.We are eagerly waiting for Game dev story,The pocket league story,Grand Prix Story sequels.Lets hope,the next game will be a gaming simulation.          


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