Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Notifus For Chrome: Get Alert About Unreplied Emails

6:11 pm

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Email is the most important part of everyone's life. When everyone starts any work first of all he/she starts from sending or replying the Emails. But what if there are a lot of emails in your account and you send an important email and you want to see if there is any reply from that mail or not. Then these is an app for you in  Google Chrome named Notifus.

 This app let's you set an reminder for any email that you have composed or you have replied to. This app will keep track of your email and will notify you after a specific time that you set for that email.

Notifus is really simple and easy to use app. whenever you compose and email or send an email you will see 6 buttons which is 1-6 days that means it will let you remind after that much days and you can also add custom number of days to your email. its quite complicated to understand its working let's take an example.

Let's suppose you want to send a mail to mr. x and you have asked him about something and you have set an alert of 3 days to that mail. If mr. x replied to your mail then its fine but if it's not then after 3 days mail will be moved to your inbox top for there you can again send mail to Mr. X, This time he might reply you. That's how this makes it easier for you.

You can download it from Google Chrome Web Store



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