Friday, 28 December 2012

Run Android Apps On Mac using BlueStarck

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Android is one of the most fabulous smartphone OS that is used today. One of the best reason is its apps, with more than 750,000 it takes the mobile experience to its extreme level. Best thing is that most the apps are free. So what if you don't have an android phone how could you experience these apps. you can enjoy Android apps on windows using tools.

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But if you owe an Mac system so how can you enjoy all these apps. You shouldn't be worry about it BlueStack brings it beta version for Mac systems. That means now you can enjoy android apps on Mac systems too. BlueStack provides a virtual Environmental on your Mac in which you can install and run Android Apps.

This could not be the best way but it might be the a good way if you want to enjoy some of its apps. Although android is biggest competitor of Apple's IOS. Currently BlueStack is a Beta Version and provide really amazing interface for you.

Every one can easily find that if there is an app for Android then their will be definitively an app for IOS its really good to play some fun. You can go to the BlueStack website and download this app.

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