Saturday, 29 December 2012

Samsung Galaxy S4 is in rumors again

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Probably the most anticipated gadget Samsung Galaxy S4 is in rumors  again.Yesterday a youtube  video uploaded by Rozetked showing the features of  this  device is spreading like fire.It has made Galaxy S4 talk of the town once again.  
Some Tech analysts are claiming that the upcoming Galaxy S4 will be inspired  by Galaxy note in  terms of looks and it will also have a stylus. It will  be having a 5  inch full HD super AMOLED display with 441ppi.As far  as operating system is concerned some are claiming  it to be  run on  Android 4.2 Jelly Bean while others are saying it will  run on Google’s latest Android  version 5.0(Kye Lime  Pie).It is likely to be the  first device to run on KLP.
A smartphone by Sony was recently  undergoing benchmarks  tests and  Samsung  doesn't want to left behind. Galaxy S4 will be having four variants- 16 GB,32GB,64 GB,128GB.It will be the first 128GB smartphone.
Talking about the processing speed, it will  be having  2 GHz quad-core Exynos processor. The processor will make the device much faster and stable. This will be ideal phone for the people who like  to  play  really heavy  games and  do a lot multi-tasking.  
A Laser Keyboard Dock: The phone is to sport a special trait this time. Yes, Samsung is reportedly working on integrating a laser keyboard with an optional dock for the handset. That is, you can carry a keyboard in your trips. As you mount the handset on the dock, its laser keyboard will appear on the table or any surface. You can type content on the virtual keyboard, which will appear on the device’s screen with no delay.
The gadget is rumored  to  have 13 MP rear camera and 2 MP front  camera. Almost  all the high-end Samsung devices are having 8MP camera. But S4 will  be having a more powerful  13 MP camera.  It will be having a 3200  mAh battery and will be  slimmer than its S3.
Samsung  is rumored to launch this device in April 2013.We will have to wait till then. Tell us have you heard any rumors regarding S4 in the comment section below.


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