Friday, 7 December 2012

SwiftKey Flow App:Enter Sentences in One Swipe(Android App)

11:00 pm

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SwiftKey- Most Popular Third-party Keyboard App Maker for Android. Apps Made by the developers of swiftKey are Liked by most of the audience. They just came up with a new app name SwiftKey Flow. You have seem many apps for virtual keyboard all of them lets you enter input sentences and words, But you have to pick you finger from the screen so that you can give a space in your word. But This App Lets you glide your finger without picking it from the screen so that you can enter whole sentence in one type.

There are also other apps that lets you swipe your finger to enter you word but in them you have to manually hit the space by picking your hand off so that you can get a space after the word. But with swift Flow You can enter whole sentence with just one go. Isn't it cool.

I have to say that it’s quite effective, but only as long as you’re content with entering a maximum of 4-5 words in one go. Pushing for more might result in loss of the entire effort, especially if you mistakenly happen to input a word that the keyboard is unable to interpret correctly.

You can Download its Beta Version For Andriod


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