Thursday, 27 December 2012

Top Photography Apps For Apple Iphone

10:28 am

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Iphone Got a really good camera that means you can click fabulous and beautiful photos. Every one is addicted to photographs and Whenever you find a place you start taking photos. Although it has a great camera no doubt about it but there are also some apps that will use this camera upto its maximum efficiency to provide you an amazing photography experience. there are a lot of apps that can do the same work. but i found these 5 apps that are amazing to use.

             When you use camera this app will let you take a perfect shot for the photography. This provides features like camera stabilization and comes with a lot of other features.

oSnap Voice Enabled Camera:
             oSnap is a voice enabled camera app that works on voice commands that means you can take a picture by saying a word. You can say shoot to take a photo and also you can click multiple photos using burst mode in it.

Fuzel Pro:
           This app provide you an amazing photo editing experience because it provides you a lot of different size of photos that can fit in 36 layouts. That means this app is really fantastic for a photo addicted person.

Camera Awesome:
           This app provides you a lot of features while capturing a photo or video. Camera Awesome Also provide a stabilization feature just like Camera+. 

           ProCamera is a photography app that provides you 5 features in one app photography, videography, photo editing, social sharing, and code scanning. this app is recommended by National Geographic recommended ProCamera as one of eight must-have apps for intelligent travel.



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