Monday, 10 December 2012

Top Windows 8 Apps for using Facebook on your pc

6:58 pm

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Windows 8 is the best operating system that you can ever find for PC's Because of its app running functionality. You can run different apps like any other mobile or tablet operating system in your pc. SO if you can run apps in windows 8 then why use browser for using Facebook. you don't need to do that any  more. because here are some apps for windows 8 which you can run. these apps shows your notifications using windows notification. You can enjoy Facebook on windows 8 pro version using these apps.
Facebook Touch:
     its a traditional Facebook app that gives you a very basic interface. its gives you the interface like the traditional Facebook app for Android mobiles. You can download it from windows store.

You can login and continue to use Facebook on your windows 8.

MINE For Facebook:
     its an app That lets you operate your Facebook account from your desktop. One of the best thing about this app is its UI. It comes with an modern interface design that you can see in this app. you can see you news feeds, notifications, images, Videos ETC using this app on your desktop. So just download this app from the windows store and You are ready to go.

When you are done with downloading you can login with this app and get your Facebook operated.

So here is both the app with which you can download and enjoy Facebook  on your windows 8 pc.

      you have seen both the apps. But MINE gives you better interface or we can say a modern interface that makes your Facebook experience really amazing.



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