Friday, 14 December 2012

world top 3 games for windows 8

6:38 pm

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Mine sweeper 
The new version of mine sweeper is a good example of casual games in which there are all the new features of windows 8.

The original minesweeper game is available absolutely free for every operating system since the windows 3.1 vesion.First of all the minesweeper  is not beneficial for windows but now it spreads world wide. it is an single player game.and it also a part of windows  more than 20 years.this game is not previously installed in windows like in older versions of windows but u should download from play station of windows at free of cost.and u can play online also on the site
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It is an new release multimode game for windows 8 and u can play it in ur pc,desktop,laptops etc in any way like touch,by keyboard,by mouse  or the combinations is an simple game which apply as normal strategies.As started on the game u will find the multicolor dots which are presented for the map of the world.This is like as your pattern screen locks in ur iphones,android phones one of these dots and u will enter ur game and u fight with other  computer mainframe as like in ur imagination .there is a slot of tools above the game where u choose the category in which u wants to play ur player and then u also give it a spin.Means u work out on ur player whatever u draws.and finally fight goes back until te first computer mainframe destroyed by the way u implement.and after that increase ur levels of gaming by kill the main frames of other user and play more than 200 levels. Please keep in mind whenever u play it on ur tablet then spin it firstly.

Fruit ninja
As u all know about this game is a very lavable game for this game have an extraordinary feature is  jetpackjoyride. By this feature in windows 8 an person switch to two games at one time just one which first game is paused and second will be continued.and an integrated  element is halfbrick in both the games and user will also interact with others by xbox live.fruit ninja is alwas be a full screen game it never had a work to be in such small is very useful sometimes when the mind is stressed then people played enjoyably only for pass the time and divert their time in other direction.


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