Monday, 21 January 2013

3 Tools to get Windows 7 Start Menu in Windows 8

6:53 pm

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Windows 8 Got a great start menu  with a Metro style but still what if you want to misses windows 7 classic start menu here we got a way that if you want to enjoy windows 7 start Menu in windows 8 you can just try out following tools so that you can still enjoy classic start menu.

In Windows 8 its easy to get your hands on any app and with live tiles and provide a great experience to users but still i found windows 7 start menu structure easy for me.

Here is the list of tools you can try to get your hands on classic start menu.

Pokki For windows 8:  Pokki for windows 8 provide you an amazing look for windows 8 start menu and apps are shown in windows 7 like start menu and you can enjoy your start menu back.

Retro UI :
Retro UI provides a Square form apps in your start menu in dark color. An simple and amazing tool to get your menu back.

Classic Shell: 
Power shell provides you features that are available in windows older versions.

Basically these apps provide you a nice interface which are user friendly if you are not familier with windows8. These aaps are not provided by microsoft although they are just designed and developed by developers. They are good but according to my point of view i have a question why use these ???
Microsoft has already equipped with great features and technology.


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