Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Add Your Resolution of 2013 on Google Map with Google Resolution

12:50 am

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New year has come to us and Hope it will great for you. Every one have thought a lot of great things to do in  2013. You might think of sharing it on any of Social Network like Facebook or you have another way to tell your resolution to the world, you can add your resolution to Google Maps.

 So that everyone in the world can see your resolution. Don't be worry Google will not show your name. They will collect a very less information like Your resolution and your location and After going through reviews you can see your resolution of the Google Map.

According to me this is really great way to keep yourself on the track through all year because it will keep you remind what you thought on starting of this year, And also that might provide a motivation to others in the world.

Peoples have started to use this service by Google. If you want to enter your resolution to Google Maps Just Go to the Link  and you can add your resolution. Google Resolusion will Look Like follwing image that will show your resolution in the form of dots on the map and every one else can see your resolution on the world map.

Add your Resolution and tell the world what you want to do in 2013.


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