Friday, 11 January 2013

Apple's budget iPhone-Will it effect Android sales?

12:01 pm

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Apple is currently working on budget friendly version of its famous flagship- iPhone.This budget iPhone will cost around $149-$300 which is far less than current iPhone 5 which is having $649 price tag.
This iPhone will be having larger display compared with current 4 inch display in iPhone 5. Apple will provide plastic body to this budget phone.Apple has always given aluminum body to iPhones but that expensive body won't fit the price-tag of cheaper iPhone.
Larger display might give this iPhone a big plus because  these days smart-phones are used more for entertainment purpose rather than talking to people.People love to play games and watch movies on smart-phones and bigger screen enhances entertainment value of a phone.
This  move is taken by Apple to increase sales in Asia region.Apple is somewhere lagging behind android devices.Samsung has 37 galaxy models in Asia.These models fit in every budget.Lets admit it,not everyone can afford $650 iPhone5. Apple reduces the prices of its previous models with new iPhone launch but not everyone likes 3.5 inch screen.In India, iPhone 5 costs Rs. 59,500 and Galaxy S3 costs around Rs. 32,000 that means iPhone 5 is twice as expensive as IPhone 5.
The budget iPhone is in early stages and it is not confirm that Apple will launch it for sure.Apple has always followed its strategy one iPhone in one year.But seeing the market trend towards android devices,Apple will likely change its strategy.If Apple rolls out cheaper version of iPhone with bigger screen,it will effect Android sales for sure.Because there are many Apple fans out there who can't buy iPhones and they have to choose budget Android devices.
Samsung alone holds around 40% market share in smart-phone industry.Apple is having 26%.This move will challenge Samsung's dominance in market.Lets see whether Apple rolls out cheaper version of iPhone or not.What will you buy-$200 iPhone or $200 Android.   


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