Sunday, 13 January 2013

Facebook Design Concept, Quite Hot

12:45 am

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Talking about Facebook, It doesn't need any definition because i thing each and every person having internet is already know about that. Facebook keeps changing its design UI with miner changes to make user interface much much better. Sometimes changes are hard to caught but some times major changes can be made like Facebook timeline etc. but not only the Facebook workers are doing their best to give a great user interface and Functionality but also there are some other peoples around the world who are making these efforts on their own.

Today while Surfing i got an awesome web-design UI of Facebook on Behance. Check this out the New UI concept for Facebook having an awesome Login Screen so that user can have a great fell when they came here for Login.

Whenever you are logged in what you first see it the Dashboard of your profile so that must be eye catching and should also contains all information that you need.

Next Comes with Primary and secondary news feeds concept for All friends stream and Close Friend Stream.

Events Pages of the concept is really awesome and comes with a beautiful concept will make you fell great.

Facebook Brand Pages are also the most important part so why leave them here comes the design for the Facebook brand pages.

Onething after seeing all this i can say is the designer is really creative. So let me know how is this design. Do you like it or Not.


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