Saturday, 19 January 2013

Get fake facebook girlfriend for $20

2:09 pm

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You read that right.A brazilian is offering this service.They will create fake profiles of girls that will comment on your post,post relationship status and even pictures for upto 30 days depending on the money you are willing to spend.
They have four plans that suits every budget.First one is signifier and is available for 3 days.You will get 3 comments withing 3 days.The second plan is ex girl-friend plan that will last for 7 days and you will get 5 comments.The cost of this plan is $20.The third plan is girl-friend plan costing $39 and you will get 10 comments and relationship status for 7 days.The fourth plan is virtual girl-friend plan that costs you $99 and will last for 30 days.You will get 30 comments and relationship status.

The interesting fact is that all profiles are of real women but are fake.The website claims that it has a huge database of men that are paying for their services.Men are doing this mainly to make their ex girl-friend jealous.Some are doing this to avoid relationship with their clients.Some people take this service just to impress their friends.The site says-
“Sometimes people need to rent a fake girlfriend to make your ex-girlfriend jealous,” the site says. “After a breakup, the ex-boyfriends want to show that they are already with another person to feel good.”

The website is currently working to make this service available for girls also.But didn't provide any information regarding when this it will start creating fake boy-friend profile.So,if you want to make your ex jealous this valentine then you can do this easily if you have just $10.



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