Thursday, 17 January 2013

How often should you update your blog?

3:15 pm

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Every new blogger struggles to find out answer to one important question-How often should I update my blog?There can's be an exact answer to this because if you will ask this question to 10 bloggers you know,they will all answer differently.So what should you do?
1.Experiment- One thing you can do is to experiment with your posting frequency.Different blogs have different readers and moreover the writing style of me and you is different.You don't know what your readers may like.They might want you to update your blog daily,every two or three days.So,better experiment with updating frequency and analyze the results.
2.Blogging Niche-This is a parameter on which your posting frequency depends.If you are running a tech blog that provides tech news,gadget reviews etc. then I would recommend to post atleast 5 posts a week.However if you are in SEO niche then 2 or three posts a week will work.In short,publish at-least 3 posts a week no matter whatever niche you are in.
3.Posting Schedule-You blog should be updated as per a plan schedule like if you going to do 5 posts a week then your readers should know on which days you are going to publish them.It won't be good for your blog is you post 2 posts a day then don't post anything for the following day and then again post 3 posts in a day.It's better to post one post per day.
4.Ask your reader- If you don't have any idea what to do then you can also ask your readers.But of course this might not work for new bloggers as they don't have many loyal readers.
5.More is better-Probably you have heard this before.More the content you post,more are the visitors.If you write 10 posts a week then you have more chances of getting some of your pages indexed by Google or other search engines than writing 3-4 posts a week.
6.Content is King-People will visit your blog regularly if they like the content.It is better to post a classic post every two days than publishing 2 sub-standard posts in one day.Your blog posting frequency should be such that you can provide content your readers will like.
7.Give time to Guest Posts-If you can write 5 posts a week then its better to publish 4 posts on your blog and publish other as a guest post.My way of blogging is-I write 80% content for my blog and 20% for other blog.Guest posting will not only give you valuable links but also chance to engage with readers of other blog.
Final Verdict-Just publish 3 quality posts and do one guest post a week,you will be good.If you can go beyond this,it will be good for you.So,whats your blog updating frequency?


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