Sunday, 6 January 2013

How to find your lost smart-phone

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We usually take care of our phones.But sometimes we act carelessly especially during weekends while hanging out with our friends.If you are one of those who lost your device during hang-outs then don't worry,you can locate them easily.They are having tons of features that is why we called them smart gadgets.Here are the tips to find your lost smart-phones-
1. For Android Devices-Android devices are selling a lot these days because they fit every budget and offer a lot.If you have lost your android then you can recover it.You have to install LOOKOUT app in your device and create an account.This app can backup all your contacts,photos etc.When you lost your device or forget it somewhere then just logon to and click missing device.You can track your device on a map.You can copy your contacts to your new android.
If you buy a premium version of this app which costs around $3 a month then you can recover your photos and call history and most importantly you can lock your lost device with a password.There is a option-'Scream'.It makes your lost device produce annoying sounds.This app is also available on Apple's App Store.
But what to do if you haven't installed LOOKOUT earlier.Don't worry,just go for Plan-B.You can install Plan-B that provide you all the Lookout features.There is another useful app-Android Lost.This app is in beta version and is not available to all.This app can click a picture of the thief and email you.It can hide itself along with making annoying sound.
2. For iPhones and iPads-Even App Store is full of security apps.You have to make an icloud account and download 'find my iPhone'.This app helps you to lock your lost device,delete all the data in it and make annoying sounds.iOS 6 is having lost mode feature.This enables you to lock your device and track your phone's current location.

3. For BlackBerry- If you are a blackberry user then you can download 'Blackberry Protect' from App World.It can backup all your contacts and other important data.You can delete all your data from lost phone and even track you BlackBerry's location.

4. For Windows Phone- You have to logon to after that go to 'Find My Phone'.You can delete all your data and even track your windows phone's location.

So never worry if you lost your smart-phone and just follow the above steps.


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